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Whether it’s an electronic cigarette or another nicotine alternative, a Vape Store is designed to provide customers with a range of products. A vape store also offers a range of smoking accessories, including various rolling papers, filters, lighters and ashtrays. Unlike traditional tobacco smoke shops, however, a vape shop usually specializes in providing e-liquids and hardware devices that help to reduce smoking-related health risks.

These include electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) which use battery-powered heating coils to aerosolize liquid containing propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin mixed with flavors and nicotine (2). ENDS are marketed as a smoking reduction or cessation aid and are available in different flavor strengths and nicotine concentrations (3). Granite Vapor is committed to providing our customers with quality products that focus on safety and are manufactured by leading manufacturers. We strive to stay up to date with the latest advances in hardware devices and e-liquids to give our customers the best options to help them reduce their dependence on traditional cigarettes and other harmful substances.

Essential Products Every Vape Store Should Carry

During naturalistic observations of customers in vape shops, staff were generally friendly and showed a genuine interest in their customers. They also seemed to have an awareness of research and were able to relay findings such as the 2015 Public Health England report that found e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than tobacco. However, a few of the shops were less clear about their role in supporting smokers to quit or cut down on smoking and focused instead on promoting the idea that vaping is more enjoyable and fashionable than conventional smoking.


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