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Psalm 91 is one of the most powerful songs in the Bible. It has been said that it has stopped plagues, and many people throughout the ages have sung it. However, the meaning of this song extends far beyond the literal language. It speaks of God’s protection and the personal relationship that His people have with Him. That is why it is one of the most read and sung psalms in the Bible.

Who wrote psalm?

Although there is no definite author of 91 psalm, scholars have speculated about who wrote it. In fact, the Septuagint attributes it to David. Although the Psalm itself has no author, it is still a valuable resource for examining God’s goodness.

This psalm speaks of God’s promises to the people of Israel. In the future, those people will see the fulfillment of God’s promises. He will bring them to the heavenly country. The prosperity of that country is dependent on the presence of the face of God. This promise was fulfilled in Christ’s exaltation and resurrection.

The Psalm also mentions the Temple and its precincts. “The shadow of the Almighty” refers to the shadow of the cherubim in the holy of holies. In Psalm 91:11-12, God’s “shadow” and protection are both references to the Temple’s precincts.


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