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stump removal near me

If you have an old tree that you’d like to have removed, you might want to consider hiring stump removal near me to remove it safely and professionally. If you try to do it yourself, you could end up damaging your lawn and potentially injuring yourself. Additionally, a stump can harbor dangerous pests and pose a safety risk. Whether it’s a small tree, or a massive one, it’s important to contact a professional.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Professional stump removal requires heavy equipment and big tools. A 24-inch stump can take three to four hours to completely remove. The process can also require removing a larger root system. Depending on the age of the tree, the process may require additional work such as clearing the area for sprinkler systems and a concrete foundation pour. When hiring a professional to remove a stump, it’s important to discuss future plans for the area.

Prices for stump removal vary depending on the location. The cost will likely be higher in urban areas because of higher insurance and permitting costs. Also, the type of soil in the area can affect the cost. Many professionals charge extra if they need to travel outside their service area, so consider the cost of the service before hiring a company.

Depending on the type of stump, professional stump removal can be very expensive. Professionals may charge up to $300 for a simple stump. However, if you have a larger stump, it might cost even more. In such cases, it might be worth looking into a smaller, local service. The prices can be lower than with larger companies, but make sure the company you hire is insured.


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