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Whether you’re looking for a for an acting job or for your LinkedIn profile, it’s essential that you get a great shot. Your headshot is one of the first things that casting directors will see, and a bad shot can ruin your chances of getting an audition. It’s also important to remember that a headshot isn’t the same as a full-body image, so you shouldn’t be afraid to book in for a session with a photographer who specialises in portraits.

Professional headshot London over 209 glowing reviews, Nicholas Dawkes is top of the list for providing an exceptional service and capturing the perfect headshots. Clients have praised his professionalism and how much fun he makes the sessions, while they always leave feeling happy with their shots.

Another London-based studio that comes highly recommended is YellowBelly, which provides high-quality headshots for actors. The studio’s friendly and approachable staff is known for making the shoots comfortable, while clients have praised the natural feel of their shots.

London Calling: Where to Find Top-Tier Professional Headshots in the City

While not in London, Alishia Love is a new addition to the list with an impressive portfolio and a strong reputation for her work. She’s known for her relaxed and thorough approach to shoots, which gives her clients confidence that they will come away with a great headshot.

Another photographer who is a specialist in actor headshots is Belinda Enthoven, who’s endorsed by Jo Wellings of PD Management. Her portfolio shows off her ability to capture the best of young performers, and her easy-going personality helps her clients feel at ease during the shoot.


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