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Iceland helicopter tour volcano

Discover Iceland helicopter tour volcano  marvels with this mesmerizing aerial adventure. As you ascend, watch the landscape transform into an otherworldly wonderland of geological enchantments — from erupting volcanoes and lava flows to primordial geysers and sprawling lava fields.

As you fly over Reykjavik, witness its colorful patchwork of tin roofs, the majestic Hallgrimskirkja church, and more — as if they were toy miniatures from above. Next, you’ll soar across the otherworldly vistas of the Reykjanes Peninsula and its otherworldly volcanic frontiers, where active volcanoes and geothermal hot springs abound.

Skybound in Iceland: The Ultimate Guide to Helicopter Tours in the North

From there, you’ll fly over the new eruption area of Litli-Hrutur – an eruption that started on July 10th, 2023 — and its widespread lava fields, colossal craters, and abundance of colors. The eruption has continued to erupt for six months and is one of the most remarkable natural phenomena on Earth.

You’ll then head to Thrihnjukagigur crater, where you’ll walk by its edge and enjoy the scenery from below, before flying back to Reykjavik. This is a rare opportunity to see the beauty of an erupting volcano in its most raw, untouched form — and you’ll never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The tours range from shorter, introductory flights that give you a glimpse of volcanic terrain to comprehensive, day-long excursions that provide an intimate encounter with the power of these forces of nature. Some tours also include guides to enrich your experience with geological and historical context. Book your tour as soon as possible as these tours can sell out quickly!


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