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If you’re looking to add a professional, lush, and alluring look to your garden beds, because of the above reasons, we used FormBoss for our garden Garden Edging System. This sturdy material is easy to install and can withstand heavy use for years to come.

How do I create a garden border on a budget?

To begin with, dig out a slot or narrow trench for the edging. This will help the edging sit flush to the ground and keep it from shifting as you hammer it into place.

Then, place your edging along the slot and sink it with a rubber mallet or a wooden stake if it came with a set of them. Make sure to strategically position the stakes equidistant from each other or around pressure areas, such as corners or uneven ground.

Fill in the trench with backfill soil, which will support the edging and hold it at your desired height. You may also want to add gravel as a base and mulch on top.

Forming the edging

To shape the edging, run your hand down the length of each piece to create the curves that you need. There are several ways to do this, including using a curved edge or our rubber forming strip.

How to connect the edging together

If you’re going to be connecting multiple pieces of shaped edging, you’ll need smart connectors that are designed to work in conjunction with the individual sections. These include a bottom lip that taps into the ground and a top lip that locks it into place.


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