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Posterity Media Launches Online Newspaper

Posterity Media launches online newspaper

The Posterity Media Business Forum is a network of professionals and leaders in the public and private sectors. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information, and resources to strengthen and advance the role of media in society. One of the founding members of the forum is Kolawole, who formerly worked for Nigeria’s Access Alert newsletter and has helped organize trainings and roundtables with journalists and media professionals. He also is a convener of the Posterity Media Business Forum.

As the internet’s news culture becomes more widespread, it will be more and more important for readers to know who’s telling their stories and what’s being said. For example, readers looking for political news usually end up at a site aggregating work from newspapers. But a new crop of news sites hopes to expand their coverage beyond their traditional outlets. Several of the biggest players are nonprofit, investigative organizations. They hope to fill the gaps left by the cutbacks of conventional newspapers.

Newspapers have traditionally employed armies of reporters and photographers. They are based on the idea that a reader is seeking inside knowledge. Political Web sites, however, operate on the basis of a Lippmann-like reverence for what’s already known. And the cost of real reporting is prohibitive. That’s why sites like Posterity Media are hoping to fill the void and attract advertisers. In the past 30 days, the site has attracted over 11 million unique visitors. Now, it’s aiming to break even on advertising revenue.