How to Choose a Violin Lesson in Singapore

If you are planning to take up violin lessons, you should consider enrolling in a private violin lesson. Such a teacher will be responsible for overseeing the lessons and ensuring that the student follows the curriculum. A good teacher can also switch up the lesson plan to keep the student motivated. The results of this practice will be more motivation for the student to continue playing the violin. Here are a few tips to help you decide on a private violin lesson in Singapore.

Give You Their Full Attention And Dedication

The first thing to consider when taking a violin lesson in Singapore is the instructor’s qualifications. Some of them are professional music educators who have undergone rigorous training and are qualified to teach. Other violin teachers in Singapore will work on mind mapping bowing patterns. Mind mapping is a practice technique that involves repeated practice of bowing patterns and techniques. For example, a grade one chord can have four different bowing patterns.

A great music teacher should be passionate about teaching. At LVL Music Academy, Janice’s passion for music education led her to establish the academy. The school has a strong reputation, having helped many students get into their dream schools. Janice’s background in the music industry has given her invaluable experience in selecting top-quality teachers. The school’s curriculum has helped over 300 candidates take the ABRSM examination.