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Life Leadership Coaching Vancouver Aren Bahia

Aren Bahia is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business & wellness coach who specializes in connecting others to their true self. He has lived a “full spectrum life” from organized crime in Vancouver to spiritual development in Asia, where he learned to live a life of generosity, connection, and compassion through meditation and yoga.

A former drug dealer and gang member, Aren Bahia made a bold decision to leave his old lifestyle behind and found his true purpose through meditation. Today, Bahia is a dedicated yogi, entrepreneur, and community leader in Bali. He is the founder of Karma House Bali, Conscious Arts Tattoos, Full Reset Coaching and a founding partner in YogiLab.

Healthy Relationships: Tips and Techniques from a Life Coach

Life & Leadership Coaching: A one-on-one style of coaching focused on growth and awareness to achieve goals in work and life. Whether you are seeking to enhance your career and leadership skills, or to learn how to balance your personal and professional life, coaching is the key to moving forward with a clear vision.

In this episode of #mensexpleasure, Cat Woods chats with Canadian expat and yogi Aren Bahia about tattoos, vegan food, overcoming addiction, and making a fresh start in Ubud.

Bahia is the co-founder of YogiLab, a personal development company that helps people to find their true purpose and connect to their inner wisdom through mindfulness and meditation. He is also the owner of Karma House Bali, a home and studio for art, tattoos, and charity in Ubud. His signature program is called “Full Reset Coaching,” a step-by-step guided program that works 1-on-1 to find your inner peace and create abundance in all areas of your life.

Life & Leadership Coaching – Aren Bahia Coach


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