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Keeping your home’s air conditioning running smoothly is crucial during hot San Diego summers. The best way to ensure your system is up to the challenge is by scheduling maintenance twice a year. Regular service can catch potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. It also increases the life of your AC unit by helping it run more efficiently.

How do I get my AC cold again?

The most common sign that you need to schedule an HVAC service is if your air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air anymore. Other signs include odors coming from the vents, strange noises and a higher utility bill. While a few of these issues may be easy fixes, others require professional expertise to resolve them. If you notice any of these symptoms, call a trusted AC repair company immediately for a diagnosis and AC repair.

With 24-hour live phone support, this company can address your needs at inconvenient times. In addition to basic HVAC services, it installs hybrid systems that use solar power and provides a lifetime guarantee on all installations. Its staff is licensed in general construction, electrical and plumbing in addition to HVAC services and specializes in ductless split systems.

Progressive Heating & Air
4828 Ronson Ct, San Diego, CA 92111, United States
Phone: +18585295050


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