Day: June 23, 2023

What is a Dataflex Programmer?

A dataflex programmer is someone who modifies and creates a data-rich computer application by translating project requirements into code. The program is then able to be run as a desktop or mobile/touch application using an integrated web framework. Originally developed by the Data Access Corporation in 1978, when Windows, MS-DOS and even CP/M weren’t around, it was a strong character mode application development tool which could easily be ported to a range of operating systems.

What is DataFlex used for?

Today, applications developed with Visual DataFlex are running all over the world in many different industries including health care, IT services, government, travel & leisure, manufacturing and finance. Providing a solid foundation that helps businesses get work done faster and more efficiently. With superior developer productivity, robust support and a wide global community, delivering business software has never been easier or more affordable.

The Visual DataFlex language is a fourth generation visual tool 4GL which supports the creation of Windows, web and mobile software applications on one framework-based platform. It offers an object-oriented high level programming language in a style comparable to Visual Basic, Delphi and C++. A unique feature of the Visual DataFlex language is that it’s record orientated rather than table oriented and can be based on multiple backends which are easily changed without rewriting the entire application.

It also offers a powerful and flexible web framework for creating responsive, mobile/touch and desktop applications using a single source code base. This allows a developer to separate the business logic from the presentation layer making it much easier to move between developing a native desktop application and a fully functional responsive web application which works across all devices. The automation offered by DataFlex means that once the core business rules are defined within reusable data dictionaries, saving, clearing, finding and all of the associated relation updates across tables happens automatically.